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Königreich – Pet Hotel

Hotel fuer Tiere Stuttgart Kornwestheim Ludwigsburg

Please note: We are currently unable to host new dogs and can therefore not offer trial days.

As for cats that haven’t yet stayed at the cat hotel, we can only offer stays outside of school holidays. 

Thank you for your understanding.  

20 Dog Suites Mini Club for smaller guests
13 Cat Suites
24 Hands to stroke those heads
2 Pools to splash
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Königreich – the Kingdom Pet Hotel

Hotel fuer Tiere Stuttgart Kornwestheim Ludwigsburg

We offer flexible doggy day care and varied boarding for dogs and cats.

Your beloved pets can expect spacious dog and cat accomodation, qualified and bespoke care, as well as a large outdoor area with lots of space to let off steam.

You can find our prime location between  Ludwigsburg und Stuttgart, close to the B27.

12 dog and cat professionals look after your loved ones across 3000 square metres.

We also offer grooming, courses i.e. “First aid for dogs”, physiotherapy for dogs and cats, as well as training to become a professional dog trainer.

Our Königreich team is here for you, day after day, with upmost compassion and commitment.

I look forward to your visit!

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Hotel fuer Tiere Stuttgart Kornwestheim Ludwigsburg
Hotel fuer Tiere Stuttgart Kornwestheim Ludwigsburg
Hotel fuer Tiere Stuttgart Kornwestheim Ludwigsburg

12 Years in

13 rooms for cats (6 with gardens), 18 dog suites, 6 outdoor areas, 2 dog pools – where your furry friends can enjoy comfortable and relaxed days – petting and cuddling on tap of course.

Dog Hotel

The holiday begins after the completion of a successful trial day. 

Hotel fuer Tiere Stuttgart Kornwestheim Ludwigsburg

Cat Hotel

Every room offers varied hiding spots, cat trees and toys.

Doggy Day Care

Monday to Friday from 6:30 to 19:00. Maximum flexibility even on short notice. 


What our guests say

Hotel fuer Tiere Stuttgart Kornwestheim Ludwigsburg

Seit einigen Monaten geht mein Hund dort in die Tagesstätte, weil ich ihn nicht in die neue Arbeit mitnehmen kann. Ich bin total begeistert. Wenn ich auf den Parkplatz fahre wird er schon ganz aufgeregt und sobald er aus dem Auto darf, rennt er zum Eingang und möchte schnell zu seinen Kumpels. Am Abend freut er sich mich wiederzusehen und pennt dann oft schon bei der Heimfahrt. Die HuTa ist für uns beide die beste Lösung, ich kann das nur weiterempfehlen.


Hier muss man sich echt keine Sorgen um sein Tier machen. Toll!


The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and took great care of my sweet kitten. They ensured he had regular interaction and made sure he didn’t get lonely. Also he had plenty of space to feel free. Being away for a long time was made easier knowing he was comfortable and happy!




What you can expect

Services and Offers

Physiotherapy for dogs and cats
Professional Dog Trainer Qualifications
Dog wash
Grooming & coat care
Room service
2 Dog pools
Mini Club for smaller guests
Agility Sets outdoor range
Divisable outdoor area

Dog Trainer

Over the space of ten weekend seminars, we will teach you a wealth of expert knowledge with a variety of  practical exercises to introduce you to a typical day of a dog trainer .

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