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Doggy Day Care

Hundetagesstaette Huta Stuttgart Kornwestheim Ludwigsburg

Mini Club for smaller guests
2 Pools
Indoor playground
Divisible outdoor range
Daily life at Doggy day care

Fun Time for Dogs

Hundetagesstaette Huta Stuttgart Kornwestheim Ludwigsburg

Day care: 26 / day 

Not everywhere welcomes dogs; and they just don’t feel that safe and comfortable in some places and situations. Long car journeys, home alone, or being dragged through crowds can be stressful for some dogs.

Koenigreich’s doggy day care centre offers the perfect solution for those dogs.

Our experienced team loves looking after your furry friend, supervises them whether they roam freely outdoors, dig in the sand pit with their friends or splashes around in the pools. Our dog trainers are also mindful that after all those activities, downtime is just as important, and with cuddles, petting and gentle background music deliver the perfect ambience for some peaceful rest.

Smaller day care guests can play just amongst themselves in our Mini-Club. The outdoor area can be divided up and is accessible for all group sizes. We also have a covered indoor playground for those bad weather days.

Whether large or small, come evening, we return a well-adjusted dog that pursued its natural desire for exercise and is now ready for the couch.

Trial days only available to female or castrated dogs.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept any further uncastrated dogs above the age of 9 months.

All prices incl. VAT / subject to error and change as of 01.02.2024

Hundetagesstaette Huta Stuttgart Kornwestheim Ludwigsburg
Hundetagesstaette Huta Stuttgart Kornwestheim Ludwigsburg
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Administration of medication and vet visits by expense
Trial day required before 1st booking €40 
Following a successful trial day, Doggy Day Care times can be booked on a flexible basis at short notice.
We highly recommend the Royal Bath at the end of the stay. For just €19,- you get to enjoy a freshly bathed and nice and clean smelling dog on your return.
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